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Travelling with Toddlers and Finding Hotels with Baby Beds, Cots, and Cribs in Tokyo.

Visiting Tokyo with your tiny tots? It can be quite a challenge to secure the right accommodation that caters to the needs of your baby or toddler. While most full-service hotels in Tokyo provide cribs or cots (locally known as “baby beds”), it’s not a given everywhere. This guide is here to help you find the perfect hotel equipped with all the baby-friendly amenities you need.

Baby Beds, Cots, Cribs.
Tokyo Hotels with Baby Beds, Cots, and Cribs.

Hotels and Baby Beds

Before we dive into the specific hotels, it's essential to understand the lay of the land:

  • Full-service Hotels: These usually offer cribs/cots for free.

  • Business Hotels: These budget-friendly options often have smaller rooms, making it challenging to accommodate a crib.

  • Ryokans: Traditional Japanese inns, where the norm is to sleep on a futon on tatami mats, may not provide cots or cribs.

For ease of communicating with Japanese hotels, it is best to refer to cots or cribs as "baby beds."

Baby Bed Age and Weight Guidelines

Usually Japanese hotels state the age of the child that can use a crib/cot but they are actually restricted to the age/weight guidelines suggested by the crib manufacturers. Most cribs have a weight capacity of up to approximately 16 kilograms, with collapsible cribs at the lower end of the scale and fully assembled cribs at the upper end.

Do You Need to Bring Your Own Baby Bed?

Most full-service hotels can accommodate your baby needs, especially if you book in advance. But one option is to buy a portable baby bed ("pack’n’play") or Japanese style baby futon from Toys R Us, Akachanhompo, or one of the large malls outside the city, like LalaPort.

Baby-Friendly Hotels in Tokyo

Here are some top picks for hotels in Tokyo that offer baby beds, ensuring a hassle-free stay:

  1. Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo: Provides baby cots for infants under 1 year old. Contact in advance due to limited availability.

  2. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

  3. The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

  4. Shinagawa Prince Hotel

  5. Hotel Nikko Tokyo: Infants under 2 years can stay for free, and the hotel provides a baby cot and seat.

  6. Hotel Mystays Premier Omori: Offers baby cots. Contact in advance due to limited quantity.

  7. Shiba Park Hotel: Baby Cot is free for children under 1 year old. Contact in advance due to limited quantity.

  8. Tokyo Dome Hotel: Offers baby cots for free. Notify in advance.

  9. Intercontinental Hotel: Rents out baby cots to children up to 0 years old. Contact in advance due to limited numbers.

  10. Daiwa Royal Hotels: Provides free baby cots for children less than 1 year old. Contact in advance due to limited quantity.

  11. Prince Hotels: Offers baby cots free of charge. Confirmation in advance is necessary.

Many of these hotels can be found on the Klook's Hotel discount page, making your hotel booking in Tokyo a breeze.

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