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Travel Procedures for Japan.

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Update April 29, 2023.


UPDATE: April 26, 2023

Announced by MOFA starting Saturday ( April 29, 12:00 am) the current COVID-19 border restrictions will be lifted.*

Sample testing currently used for travel from China will be used for all countries for travellers with symptoms. Please note: COVID-19 wont be downgraded until May 08.

“From May 8, the government will no longer ask people to refrain from going out or require them to be hospitalized under the law when they test positive for COVID-19,” - Katsunobu Kato, Health minister.***

*Airline policies may differ please check directly with them.

**Visit Japan Web is still being used for immigration and customs.

***COVID-19 itself won't be downgraded until May 08, 2023


All non-Japanese travellers to Japan must have a valid visa and passport or a visa-exempt passport, and registered with Visit Japan Web for immigration and customs functions.

1. Required Documents Checklist:

❏ Your valid visa and passport or visa-exempt passport. Japanese dual citizens should enter on their Japanese passport.

A valid vaccine certificate OR negative PCR test certificate-removed April 29, (Sat) 00:00 am

❏ Register with Visit Japan Web and answer the Ministry of Health questionnaire as part of registration. [Also used for immigration and customs]

❏ Travel Insurance is highly recommended.

Visit the Live Work Travel Japan Group so keep up the latest news, advice, and travellers shared experiences. Visit the Live Work Travel Japan Page for travel.

2. Visit Japan Web

  • Visit Japan Web is a web service that facilitates smooth arrival procedures at the airport for both international travellers and Japanese citizens. It can be used for Quarantine, Immigration, and Customs declaration procedures.

If you do not have a smartphone

  • A printout of the QR code from using Visit Japan Web on a computer.

  • The conventional paper-based procedure can be used at immigration inspection (Japanese and re-entry foreigners are not eligible - i.e. they must use Visit Japan Web) and customs declaration.

Currently, Visit Japan Web is optional, but will streamline the Immigration and Customs procedures and it is possible to complete quarantine procedure without using the fast track if you have all the necessary documents, even if you don't have a smartphone or a printer. Please refer to the following for quarantine procedures that do not use Fast Track.

Especially if you arrive at a busy time with other flights, using VJW is like a fast pass at Disneyland and allows you to skip past others who haven’t registered.

  • Visit Japan Web Troubleshooting:

  • Visit Japan Web is having similar problems to MySOS, freezing, crashing, and sitting there thinking about life. If you have problems:

    • Clear your browser's cache and then try again to register.

    • The OS should be the latest version.

    • Also, try changing your browser and re-registering.

    • Allow third-party cookies.

    • Applications are also reviewed in order of applicant travel plans.

    • Make sure photos are the correct file type and file size is not too big.

  • What to do with Fast Track upon arrival?

When you enter Japan, show the quarantine station the blue screen on the Visit Japan Web screen. Literally, as you walk by.

  • What to do with the Customs QR Code upon arrival?

You can self scan the customs QR code and your passport at the automated gates, and then take a selfie and pass straight through.

  • If you have any issues using the service, please check the instruction manual, FAQs or contact the Digital Agency directly. Direct email communication is available via the chatbot.

3. Travel Insurance

Is highly recommended as any illness (covid, accident, dental etc.. ) or travel disruption are borne by the traveller. Please note that future entry to Japan may be denied for foreigners with a non-payment record of medical expenses.

Some options are:

Nomad Travel Insurance is a typical travel insurance that covers travel disruption, medical AND covers COVID and unexpected quarantine. It can also be bought for one-way travel and outside of one's home country.

Travel Insurance options for US citizens:

4. Border Measures for Japan

  • General Entry Requirements:

    • Valid vaccination certificate (3+ doses) OR Pre-departure test OR Questionnaire (filled out as part of Visit Japan Web) OR On-arrival test OR Isolation

  • If you have been in China in the last 7 days, check here for additional information.

  • Don't forget to follow mask use in community settings and other health guidelines.

  • IMPORTANT: Vaccine Certificates for Reentry. Airlines usually ask to see the physical copy of the vaccine certificate(s)/vaccine coupons, or tests. [The coupons can be used for reentry but not travel to your destination, if proof is required.]

  • If you are fully vaccinated but do not have proof you are required to provide a negative test. (Some people have left their certificates at home.)

Pre-departure test (filled out as part of Visit Japan Web)

On-arrival test



Not required


NA *If you have been in China in the last 7 days, check here


For more details on border measures, please visit the Ministry of Health's website.

5. Travelling with Children

  • Children's age, vaccination status, and accompanying parent or guardian's vaccine or PCR status will determine whether they need a pre-departure negative PCR certificate.

  • Children under 18 travelling with a fully vaccinated guardian are exempt from vaccine requirements, but still need to complete the Ministry of Health's questionnaire via Visit Japan Web.

  • Children under 6 do not need a negative COVID test certificate if the accompanying guardian has a valid vaccination certificate, but if the guardian does not have a valid certificate, the child will need a negative COVID test certificate.

  • IMPORTANT: The airline may have a different policy and there have been instances where a child has needed a negative COVID test certificate. Please check with your airline.

  • IMPORTANT: this exemption does not apply to children under 18 travelling by themselves; they require a negative COVID test as below.

Child’s age

​Child's accompanying parent or guardian’s vaccine or PCR status

Pre-departure Negative COVID Certificate required for child

6 years and Over- Under 18 years

3 or more doses



2 or fewer doses


Does not have Valid Vaccination Certificate, travelling with pre-departure Negative PCR Certificate instead


Under 6 years

2 or fewer doses



For further details, see page 13 of the Ministry of Health's Q & A

6. Negative COVID Test Certificate

  • Test Format: A medical institution fills in this format of test certificate (Not the traveller).

  • Where to get tested: Please see here for a list of medical institutions around the world collaged on the Return to Japan Facebook Group. which can fill out the test certificate.

  • IMPORTANT: Please ensure the test meets both the specified tests AND sample types.

You can also consult the test guidelines from the Ministry of Health if you wish

If your COVID result is still coming back positive after recovering from COVID-19 in the last 28 days, your local Embassy or Consulate may be able to provide a letter to enable you to enter Japan. The system does vary between regions but generally you should make contact as soon as possible before your trip via email and provide the following:

  1. A copy of your passport photo page and Japanese visa if applicable

  2. Your flight details

  3. A letter from your doctor or health authority confirming that you have recovered from COVID-19.

  4. A positive COVID test result taken in the last two weeks, meeting MHLW guidelines, taken since you recovered from COVID-19

The test should meet the Japanese testing requirements. Minimum processing time is usually two business days. Documents emailed after 5 pm are processed on the following day.

7. Close contacts & COVID variants of concern

Travellers who have symptoms, test positive, or are close contact should contact Health Monitoring Center (HCO)

9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Japan time

Call 03-6757-1038 | International +81 3-6757-1038

(press 3 for English, then 7 for an operator - speak to either Fukuda or Murakami.) - The waiting message starts in Japanese and changes to English.


Your local Public Health Office or Coronavirus support center.

8. Travel Restrictions: China

  • Effective Dec 30, all travellers who have travelled to China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) (within 7 days) will undergo a test on arrival.

  • Tests will be carried out on all people entering the country on direct flights from China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau).

  • Effective Dec 30, flights to Japan coming from Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong will only be allowed to land in the following airports. Airlines will also not be allowed to increase flights from current numbers*:

1) Tokyo Narita

2) Tokyo Haneda

3) Osaka Kansai

4) Nagoya Chubu Centrair

  • If the airlines can confirm that there are no passengers who have travelled to China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) (within 7 days), It is possible to arrive at New Chitose Airport, Fukuoka Airport, and Naha Airports.


For further details:

  • “Review of border measures”

  • “New measures for strengthening border measures (34)”

https://www (Japanese only)

Other Useful links:



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