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A Review of Zipair

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Zipair is a budget airline that provides service to destinations such as Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Bangkok. It is a subsidiary of Japan Airlines (JAL) and has recently opened up another route between San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Narita (NRT)

Based on community comments and feedback, Zipair, in general, seems to provide a smooth and comfortable flying experience. Members here have praised the cleanliness and have noted that the seats are comfortable, with the full flat seats being highly recommended. Some of the downsides pointed out is that amenities and services that are typically found in full-service airlines are lacking, including in business class. For example, there is no meal service, priority boarding, extra luggage allowance, or in-flight internet provided.

When travelling with younger children, it was recommended to bring snacks or pre-order meals. The flights are also quiet, which makes it easier for children to sleep. The airline is strict with assigned seating, so it's best to select your seats before boarding. However, the bulkhead seats are worth splurging on. All flights arrive on time, and deplaning is smooth.

However, it's worth noting that ZipAir does not check your baggage through to other airlines, which can cause difficulties if transferring to a domestic flight. Passengers need to retrieve their luggage upon arrival and then check it back in with the domestic airline, and the other way around on the way home. This can add extra time and hassle to your travel itinerary. Additionally, the airline is strict with the luggage weight allowance when leaving Japan and may charge additional fees if you exceed the limit, even with your carry-on.

Overall, Zipair provides a budget-friendly option for travellers looking for a no-frills flying experience. However, it's important to be aware of the limitations and restrictions that come with flying on a budget airline, and to plan accordingly. Have you used Zipair? What was your experience please leave it in the comments.

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